T H E   M A D   O N E S     was  nominated  for  Outstanding  Overall  Production  of  a  Staged  Reading  at  Planet  Connections  Theatre  Festivity!

You make an impact. 

We are currently seeking funders for upcoming projects.

As you know, productions take a lot of time, effort, love, and of course, money. 

Please take a moment to look at Tunnel Theatre's Fundraiser page. 
Every dollar helps us keep the lights up as we pave our way. 

Special Thanks to recent Tunnel Contributors:

Janine & 
Larry Haynes, Executive Producers
Peter Larkin, Sponsor
Tina Larkin, Sponsor
Trent Blanton, Donor
Rebecca Simon, Donor
Norm Gust, Donor
Sue Frotton Gust, Donor

Renee Meyer, Friend
Annie O'Keefe, Friend
George Golden, Gold level
Rebecca Kidwell, Gold level
Karin Johannesson, Gold level
Michael Barrattini, Gold level
Mauricio Salgado, Gold level
Haley Jane Pierce, Gold level